“Economists think about what people ought to do. Psychologists watch what they actually do.“  
Daniel Kahneman


360º process & Product building blocks

Client Needs Analysis

We work with our clients to choose the most relevant algorithms and tools and to determine best practices for integrating the ML/AI Cognitive Computing platform into the client’s existing workflow


Secure and efficient tools for extracting, transforming and loading the most relevant customer data from various client sources into our system


Automated, private and scalable Cognitive Computing environment dedicated specifically to each individual client 


A computation engine running inside our secure CC-Box consisting of Emelai proprietary self-learning AI algorithms utilizing Cognitive Decision Making Neuroscience & behavioral models


Tools for implementing and deploying automated Content & Choice Architecture in various digital channels


Tools for implementing automated Real Time Nudging. Repetitive use of RTN leads to Habit Formation

Use Cases

Happy Day

Dicembre 1995

Day to Remember

May 1934

Old City

April 1995

Just Jungle

Octobre 2014

On The Lake

November 1983

Valentine Day

February 2009

A Man Fishing

March 2005

Crazy Flight

July 2006

What are you waiting for?

Cognitive Computing and Decision Making Neuroscience technologies effectively addresses the last mile problem. However, the barriers to implementing this technology are huge. Emelai can help you overcome these barriers and help you help your clients make the right choice.

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